Be grateful.
Be great-full.

The Features

Design Personalized Activities

Create custom activities for your team that focus on your organizational goals and your business' values.

Develop Skills Through Activities

Design quests (a series of challenges) by skill that focus on the values your business needs to develop. A series of well designed challenges can completely transform your workplace.

Measure Your Team's Impact

Keep track of your team's impact records, statistics and data and have a better understanding of its culture by analyzing numbers and graphics.

The Benefits

Create a Culture of Gratitude

Build a better work environment by transforming the nature of your team's interaction and your business' organizational culture through gratitude.

Identify Leaders within Your Organization

Our algorithm will help you identify potential leaders by allowing you to recognize those who have a bigger impact on others. These members will have more accumulated gratitude points and a larger ECHO score.

Turn soft data into hard data.

Our Artificial Intelligence will help you analyze the narratives of your team, so that you can have a clear, fact-based and synthesized picture of your business organizational culture development.

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